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Cytron Reconfigurable Line Following Track

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    Available Options

    • 8 Combo Tiles
    • 16 Combo Tiles
    • 8 Cross Tiles
    • 8 Curve Tiles
    • 8 Straight Tiles
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    • Product Code: V-RE-TRACKS
    • Warranty Period: 12 months

    Looking for a customizable track for your line following robots?

    Bored letting your robots running on the same old line following track that you have?

    Looking for a suitable line following track for competitions or robotics club activities?

    Tired of attaching, removing and readjusting the electrical tapes on the floor to customize your own track? Not forgetting the frustration to clean up the sticky residue left on the surface!

    Here’s a GOOD NEWS for you! Introducing the Cytron Reconfigurable Line Following Track. Join the tiles together and your robots are ready to GO!


    There are 3 type of tiles with different black line patterns printed on the white non-reflective EVA foam.


    Cross Tile

    Curve Tile

    Straight Tile

    We offer 5 different sets, each with a different combination of tiles. Combo 8 is recommeded to everyone for a start. With 1x Cross tile, 4x Curve tile and 3x Straight tile, this set can be customized into various open or closed loop track designs.



    Besides, there are also Combo 16, Cross 8, Curve 8 and Straight 8 sets available. You may refer to the packing list below for the content of each set.




    Material: EVA form, no lamination layer

    Hardness: 40 degree (+/- 5)

    Size: 315mm x 315mm

    Thickness: 10mm



    Packing List

    There are five options available as shown below. So what's included depends on your selection.


    No.SetsCross tile quantityCurve tile quantityStraight tile quantity
    1Combo 8143
    2Combo 16286
    3Cross 8800
    4Curve 8080
    5Straight 8008



    Each set comes with an info sheet that shows some of the track designs that you may start with.



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