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ESP32 Camera with USB Connectivity

Note: Stock from April 2023 is a new version with CH340 chip to provide USB connectivity. In other words, no more using FTDI programmer to use the ESP32-CAM :) ..

S$20.71 Ex Tax: S$20.71

OV7670 VGA Camera Module

The OV7670 Camera Module is a small image sensor, with low operating voltage, providing all functions of a single chip of VGA camera and image processor. Through SCCB bus..

S$9.25 Ex Tax: S$9.25

Pixy 2.1 CMUcam5 Image Sensor

Note: Stock from Dec 2021 onwards is V2.1. The new design includes:Wider field-of-view Replaceable lens Adjustable focus Less chromatic distortion Less pix..

S$124.64 Ex Tax: S$124.64

TTGO T-Journal ESP32 Camera with SMA Antenna Mo...

This is TTGO T-Journal a development board based on ESP32, integrated with the OV2640 Camera Module, comes with SMA WiFi 3dbi Antenna and also 0.91" OLED. You can develop..

S$26.79 Ex Tax: S$26.79

Arducam Mega 3MP/5MP SPI Camera Module for Micr...

Introducing the Mega Rolling Shutter Camera Module with Solid Camera Case, the perfect imaging solution for any microcontroller-based projects such as Arduino, Raspberry ..

S$46.43++ Ex Tax: S$46.43

Sony Spresense Camera Board

The Spresense microcomputers by Sony are devices offering a wide range of purposes. Their supporters are amateur DIY enthusiasts, creators of robots, as well as electroni..

S$80.36 Ex Tax: S$80.36

Pan/Tilt Kit for Pixy 2 CMUcam5 Image Sensor

Note: Pixy 2.1 CMUcam5 Image Sensor is NOT included.  The Pixy2 pan-tilt makes a great “hello world” application for Pixy2.  It’s easy to assemble and it gives yo..

S$71.07 Ex Tax: S$71.07