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New Arrivals

Note: This is the latest launched Nvidia Jetson Orin Nano 8GB Developer Kit. Note: We are ex..
Ex Tax: S$930.00
Smart Card Reader EM4100This is an RFID 125KHz ID reader which is widely used for RFID radio f..
Ex Tax: S$0.54
Note: The header pin is provided but it is NOT pre-soldered. Please be careful when doing the solder..
Ex Tax: S$1.79
Looking for a suitable micro:bit expansion board to build a robot with DC Motors and Servo Motors? ..
S$44.64++ S$35.71++
Ex Tax: S$35.71
Seeking for the ideal carrier board for your Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4)? Introducing the CM..
S$80.00++ S$64.00++
Ex Tax: S$64.00
Give your device an additional storage with this 4GB micro SD / TF card. With this extra storage, it..
Ex Tax: S$3.57
Note: This is the new Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera Module without the lens. It will requir..
Ex Tax: S$88.93
The honeycomb panel set is necessary for laser cutting and engraving machines. It can be used to pla..
Ex Tax: S$248.21
REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit comes with all the components and resources you need to build robotic and c..
Ex Tax: S$78.21
The Raspberry Pi Debug Probe is a versatile and cost-effective tool designed for debugging Raspb..
Ex Tax: S$21.43
Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer and Kits New -14% Best Seller
Note: Due to the worldwide IC shortage, Raspberry Pi 400 is limited to 1 unit per person. Yes! ONE p..
S$135.36++ S$115.99++
Ex Tax: S$115.99
Looking for PCL filament to refill your 3D pen? This PCL filament is made of superior-quality materi..
Ex Tax: S$0.89
Note: 5-inch 800x480 5 Points Touch Screen shipped on June 2021 onwards is V2.0 that comes with ..
S$85.50++ S$69.25++
Ex Tax: S$69.25
Note: The page has 2 variations of UPS Module for Jetson Nano. AlphaBot2 Kit with 18650 batte..
Ex Tax: S$55.36
Note: The Raspberry Pi board is NOT included. This Acrylic Case is the perfect solution for ..
Ex Tax: S$4.29
NEJE 3 Laser Engraver with N30610 Laser Module - 170 X 170mmThis NEJE 3 model is the successor t..
Ex Tax: S$333.93
This Raspberry Pi 4B Aluminium Case with a Passive Cooling mechanism is an essential accessory for a..
Ex Tax: S$16.07
Note: The page has 2 variations of AlphaBot2 Robot Kits. AlphaBot2 Kit with 14500 batteries ..
Ex Tax: S$167.86
  With USB-C becoming a commonly used power input standard, a good quality USB-C power s..
Ex Tax: S$17.14
Internet of Things or in short "IoT", is actually a pretty simple concept, it means taking all the ..
S$10.00++ S$9.29++
Ex Tax: S$9.29
Note: There are 4 variants of Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3, please choose the preferred option: ..
Ex Tax: S$44.64
Note: This page has several variations of the new Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera module -M12 M..
Ex Tax: S$17.50
xTool D1 Pro laser engraver features fine laser engraving and cutting with high accuracy and laser p..
Ex Tax: S$1,246.43
Note: This page offers a few options for NANO Base (B) Board and kits, please choose the preferred o..
Ex Tax: S$33.93
Note: These are options for the Environmentally Friendly Maker Box kits, please choose your prefer..
S$8.93++ S$7.11++
Ex Tax: S$7.11
This rotary grinder is designed for carving, engraving, grinding, removing, sharpening, sanding, pol..
Ex Tax: S$7.07