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micro:bit Kits

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micro:bit Smart Home Kit with micro:bit V2

The Perfect Learning Kit for Children Age 10 and AboveWe have bundled this micro:bit Smart Home Kit, including the micro:bit V2 Single for power and program loading. ..

S$126.43 S$124.64 Ex Tax: S$124.64

micro:bit Quick Start Kit

Join our micro:bit Malaysia Telegram Group for all your questions and discussions!  micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning..

S$13.93++ Ex Tax: S$13.93

micro:bit V2 Go Bundle -12% Best Seller

micro:bit V2 Go Bundle

Note: This Go Bundle comes with the latest micro:bit V2 mainboard that launched on 13 October 2020.  Join our micro:bit Malaysia Telegram Group for all yo..

S$33.93 S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

ZOOM:BIT Robot Car Kit for micro:bit

Looking for a solution to introduce robotics and coding to your kids? Get this kit for them (or yourself!) to build this cute micro:bit robot car. Zip zip Zoom!..

S$67.86++ S$53.21++ Ex Tax: S$53.21

EDU:BIT Training & Project Kit for micro:bit

EDU:BIT  was 575% funded on KICKSTARTER on Oct 22, 2020 .This beginner-friendly micro:bit kit is specially designed to encourage kids to explore STEAM and learn cod..

S$55.71++ S$53.21++ Ex Tax: S$53.21

micro:bit Junior Kit (V2)

Note: From April 2022 onwards, micro:bit Junior kit now comes with a micro:bit V2 board and a USB micro B cable.   Join our micro:bit Malaysia Teleg..

S$30.36 Ex Tax: S$30.36

Auto Plant Watering Kit for micro:bit

Do you want to build an auto plant watering system but don’t know where to start?Or you are a teacher and wanted to help your students to build the auto plant waterin..

S$38.57++ Ex Tax: S$38.57

REKA:BIT RBT Project Kits

REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit comes with all the components and resources you need to build robotic and coding projects for RBT Y5 and Y6 (Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi Tahun 5 & ..

S$78.21++ Ex Tax: S$78.21

micro:bit V2 Club-10 Starter Kits for The Class...

Note: This club kit comes with the latest micro:bit V2. Join our micro:bit Malaysia Telegram Group for all your questions and discussions! The m..

S$328.57 Ex Tax: S$328.57

micro:bit V2 MakeCode Arcade Shield ready with ...

Note: There are two options of Makecode Arcade Shield Kits to choose from:Makecode Arcade Shield WITH micro:bit (V2) Junior Kit (a micro:bit V2 board and a USB mic..

S$48.21++ Ex Tax: S$48.21

ElecFreaks micro:bit Smart Home Kit (without mi...

Note: This kit comes without micro:bit, please get it separately here. Or you can get the complete smart home kit with microbit-junior together here.Check out the v..

S$96.07 Ex Tax: S$96.07

micro:bit Smart Coding KitÔľąwithout micro:bitÔľČ

Note: This is the micro:bit Smart coding kit, the micro:bit main board is NOT INCLUDED.Note: This Smart coding kit works with both micro:bit V1 and micro:bit V2...

S$16.07 Ex Tax: S$16.07

16 in 1 Building:bit Programmable Building Bloc...

Note: There are two options of Building:bit kits to choose from:Building:bit kit WITH micro:bit Junior (comes with micro:bit V2 board and a USB micro B cable) Bu..

S$149.64++ Ex Tax: S$149.64

Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that can easily realize your creativity without much electrical and coding knowledge. There are numerous possibility of c..

S$89.29 Ex Tax: S$89.29

ElecFreaks micro:bit Tinker Kit (without micro:...

This is Tinker Kit for micro:bit and it comes in a set of accessories that enables you to connect all kinds of modules easily without a group of messy breadboard wires. ..

S$80.36 Ex Tax: S$80.36

ElecFreaks micro:bit Smart Science IoT kit (wit...

Check out the unboxing video by Young Maker Jayden Lam:  Everyone wants to do IoT (Internet of Things) and you can do it with this Smart Science IoT Kit f..

S$137.50 Ex Tax: S$137.50

ElecFreaks micro:bit Basic Kit (without micro:bit)

This is Micro:bit basic kit from Elecfreaks for entry-level. It includes 5 carefully selected electric bricks, which can be easily connected to micro:bit via basic:bit(an..

S$28.57 Ex Tax: S$28.57

ElecFreaks Experiment box for micro:bit (withou...

This is a special experiment kit for the famous micro:bit that uses Banana Jack! I like it.  ..

S$89.29 Ex Tax: S$89.29

Boson Starter Kit for micro:bit

micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners to learn coding and electronics, letting them easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, inter..

S$138.93 Ex Tax: S$138.93

6 In 1 Ring:Bit Bricks Pack without micro:bit

Based on the Ring:bit V2 from Elecfreaks, the micro:bit Ring:bit Bricks Pack contains 360 degrees servos, the LED strips, and almost 200 pieces of bricks. The well-design..

S$71.43 Ex Tax: S$71.43