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micro:bit Accessories

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Crocodile Clip with Wire (10pcs)

Yes, this is the crocodile or alligator clip cable. Connect to your component lead or pads (example micro:bit) without soldering using these handy alligator clip test lea..

S$2.32 Ex Tax: S$2.32

Grove WiFi 8266 - IoT for micro:bit and beyond

Grove WiFi 8266 module is designed to enable your micro:bit (and other controllers too) to send/receive data over the internet through the Wi-Fi network. It is based on t..

S$9.43 Ex Tax: S$9.43

Analog Micro Servo 9g (3V-6V)

Wanted to use RC servo motor on 3.3V system like micro:bit or NodeMCU or NodeMCU 32, but most of the servo's operating voltage starts from 4.8V :( Well, not to worry, you..

S$4.29 Ex Tax: S$4.29

360 Digital Servo(EF90D) with wheel and tire

This is a bundle of compact digital servo that provides 360º continuous rotation and wheel that fit to the servo. Perfect for building small mobile using micro:bit...

S$8.21 Ex Tax: S$8.21

micro:servo 180 degrees analog servo for micro:bit

Wanted to use servo motor on 3.3V system like micro:bit or NodeMCU or NodeMCU 32, but most of the servo's operating voltage starts from 4.8V, right? Well, you are on ..

S$7.14 Ex Tax: S$7.14

Octopus Light Sensor Module - Analog

Octopus Light Sensor Brick can detect the light value of the current environment. It is in a small volume with low power consumption and it is very easy to operate with g..

S$4.82 Ex Tax: S$4.82

micro:bit 2x40 Edge Connector (R/A)

micro:bit comes with easy to use USB interface and 5 ring connectors. But if you need to get all available IO out for your applications via the 21 edge pins, you will nee..

S$5.36 Ex Tax: S$5.36

MakerDisk 32GB Preloaded Offline MakeCode &...

Note: This MakerDisk microSD card is pre-loaded with Raspberry Pi OS and ready to boot up on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (with the latest bootloader firmware). Please DO NOT f..

S$17.86 Ex Tax: S$17.86

3 Wire Geek Servo 360 degree Motor

Note: This is a 360° continuos rotation RC servo motor.This is a special servo motor. It is orange colored Geek Servo 360° (continuous rotation) servo and comes with ..

S$13.57 Ex Tax: S$13.57

3 Wire Geek Servo 270 Degree Motor

Kittenbot Geek servo is a gray color 270°servo and comes with LEGO compatible casing for building your projects fast with LEGO and Micro:bit/Arduino/Raspberry Pi. It uses..

S$12.50 Ex Tax: S$12.50

micro:bit USB microB Cable 30cm

Official micro:bit branded USB cables that allow you to power and transfer data to your micro:bit.   ..

S$3.54 Ex Tax: S$3.54