Student Benefits Program (Singapore)

If you are a student studying in Singapore, you are entitled to Cytron Student Benefits Program.

Just fill up the form at

What are the benefits now?

  1. Free Shipping, with min purchase of S$25 (only for Online order and within 2kg).
  2. 3% Cashback
  3. Valid for 1 year.
  4. Will be promoted to ProMaker upon completed product reviews for 3 orders.


Get updated with the latest deals & info 

1. Get the latest updates on offers and promotion

2. Get the latest updates on training, seminars and workshops.


How to register?

1. Signup as a member at

2. Fill up the form at

3. Wait for verification status. Normally will take 2-3 working days.

4. Successfully register!

What are you waiting for? Register yourself and do tell your friends as well.