Official Arduino Main Board

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Arduino UNO R4

S$35.00++ Ex Tax: S$35.00

Arduino Nano Main Board

S$49.64 Ex Tax: S$49.64

Arduino Make Your UNO Kit

S$117.50 Ex Tax: S$117.50

Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi

S$142.50 Ex Tax: S$142.50

Arduino OPTA WiFi

S$428.57 Ex Tax: S$428.57

Arduino OPTA RS485

S$392.50 Ex Tax: S$392.50

Arduino OPTA Lite

S$356.79 Ex Tax: S$356.79

Arduino Alvik

S$299.64 Ex Tax: S$299.64

Arduino MKR WiFi 1300 LoRa Dev Board with 923 MHz Antenna -2% Out Of Stock