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VK2828U7G5LF GPS Module

You must have used a GPS receiver. It is easy to be found in most places, such as smartphones, cars, and computers. They are used to track your location all over the ..

S$13.75 Ex Tax: S$13.75

3-Axis Digital Compass Breakout Board

Have you ever think to add direction sense for your project, like a compass? Check this module out, this is a breakout board for QMC5883L that is compatible with Honeywel..

S$7.14 Ex Tax: S$7.14

Neo-M6 GPS HAT with Antenna for Raspberry Pi

This is a powerful GPS receiver is based on the famous and high-end u-Blox Neo-6M GPS, compatible with Raspberry Pi. Plug it into Raspberry Pi, upload correct commands to..

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M5Stack GPS/BDS Unit - AT6558 -10% Out Of Stock

M5Stack GPS/BDS Unit - AT6558

This is the M5Unit version of GPS, integrates a Zhongke BDS navigation chip AT6558, and an amplification chip MAX2659 used for amplifying antenna signal.AT655..

S$28.29 S$25.36 Ex Tax: S$25.36