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Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor

The rotary angle sensor produces analog output between 0 and Vcc (5V DC with Seeeduino) on its D1 connector. The D2 connector is not used. The angular range is 300 degree..

S$4.64 Ex Tax: S$4.64

Rotary Encoder Kit

This rotary encoder kit can be used for sensing motor's position and velocity. It is a very simple kit consisted of an optical beam sensor (opto switch, phototransistor) ..

S$13.21 Ex Tax: S$13.21

Optical Encoder kit for SPG10HP (Pair)

Thinking to build micromouse with tiny motor, but there is no encoder? Think again with this quadrature encoder pair for SPG10HP (High Power). Add quadrature enco..

S$13.93 Ex Tax: S$13.93

Rotary Encoder B-106-23983

This industrial grade rotary encoder is suitable for many positioning applications. It is usually connected to a rotating unit or shaft. Rotation on the encoder will lead..

S$125.00 Ex Tax: S$125.00