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Maker Reflect: Simplifying IR Reflectance Sensor for Beginner

Maker Reflect is a tiny reflectance sensor that consists of an infrared (IR) LED that transmits IR light onto a surface and a phototransistor measures how much light is r..

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Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor

Line following is an important application in robotics. It is being used in AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and allow robots to navigate and perform tasks. There are many ..

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Grove - Line Finder v1.1 -58%

Grove - Line Finder v1.1

Line finder is designed for line following robotic. It consists of two parts - an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. It can output digital signal to a m..

S$5.89 S$2.47 Ex Tax: S$2.47

Advanced Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor

LSA08 (Advance Line Following Sensor Bar) consist of 8 sensors pair. LSA08 is typically used for embedded system or robots for line following task. The specially select..

S$69.64 Ex Tax: S$69.64