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TFMini - Micro LiDAR Module (12m)

Autonomous Vehicle is getting serious lately and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), now we carry this affordable LiDAR sensor. The TF Mini LiDAR is an unidirectional la..

S$63.93 Ex Tax: S$63.93

Ultrasonic Range Finder

Description: This is a fantastically easy-to-use MaxBotix ultrasonic range finder. We are extremely pleased with the size, quality, and ease of use of this little range f..

S$42.86 Ex Tax: S$42.86

High Resolution Ultrasonic Range Finder

Another improvement made by MaxBotix ultrasonic range finders. Extremely easy to use, no ping and measuring time is needed as there are 3 outputs. The easiest method is t..

S$51.79 Ex Tax: S$51.79

RPLIDAR A2M8 - The Thinest LIDAR Out Of Stock

RPLIDAR A2M8 - The Thinest LIDAR

The RPLIDAR A2 is the next generation low cost 360 degree 2D laser scanner (LIDAR) solution developed by SLAMTEC. It can take up to 4000 samples of laser ranging per se..

S$589.29 Ex Tax: S$589.29

Ultrasonic Range Finder Bracket

Features: Best fit for Maxbotic's ultrasonic range finder (SN-LV-EZ1) Made of 1mm thickness aluminum Comes with PCB stand, screws and nuts*Ultrasoni..

S$4.82 Ex Tax: S$4.82

HOKUYO URG Laser Range Finder 4m (New)

The HOKUYO URG-04LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder is the most suitable alternative so far for mobile robot applications due to its compact size and low power consumption fea..

S$1,615.00 Ex Tax: S$1,615.00