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Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touch Screen Display

This is the official 7” Touchscreen Display for Raspberry Pi from Raspberry Pi Foundation. It gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as ta..

S$104.29 Ex Tax: S$104.29

2.8-inch Touch Screen Display w buttons for RPi

Check this out if you are using Raspberry Pi, it is the cutest little display that you can stack on your Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer. It features a 2.8" display wi..

S$16.39 Ex Tax: S$16.39

7inch HDMI LCD (B), 800x480, supports various systems -0%

7inch HDMI LCD (B), 800x480, supports various systems

If you think 10.1 inch display is too big and too costly for you, this 7 inch HDMI, 800 x 408 resolution, capacitive touch screen will be best for your Raspberry Pi proje..

S$77.14 S$77.14 Ex Tax: S$77.14

2.4-Inch Touch Screen TFT LCD Shield for Arduino

The shield is fully assembled, tested, and ready to go. No wiring, no soldering! Simply plug it in and load up the library - you'll have it running in under 10 minutes! ..

S$10.36 Ex Tax: S$10.36

5-inch 800x480 5 Points Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi -20%

5-inch 800x480 5 Points Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi

This 5" TFT touch screen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 is perfect for your Raspberry Pi boards. With DSI interface, true color display, easy installation, and sp..

S$70.71 S$56.57 Ex Tax: S$56.57

3.2-Inch TFT Touch Screen LCD

This is a cute 3.2-inch TFT touch screen LCD coming your way! It features a 3.2 inches display with 320x240 16-bit color pixels and a resistive touch overlay. The plate u..

S$26.43 Ex Tax: S$26.43

3.2-inch Nextion NX4024K032 HMI Touch Display

This is an HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touch Screen Display, with a 3.2-inch size. The Nextion Enhanced versions are more powerful than the standard ones. Compared to t..

S$53.21 Ex Tax: S$53.21