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micro:bit Smart Home Kit (with micro:bit Junior)

The Perfect Learning Kit for Children Age 10 and AboveWe have bundled this micro:bit Smart Home Kit, including the micro:bit with USB micro B cable for power and ..

S$107.11 Ex Tax: S$107.11

Sonoff RM433 Remote Control with Base

Note: This the complete bundle of Sonoff RM433 Remote control with the base, if you are looking for the 433 Remote control only, please get it here.The RM433 remote c..

S$14.64 Ex Tax: S$14.64

ElecFreaks micro:bit Smart Home Kit (without micro:bit)

Note: This kit comes without micro:bit, please get it separately here. Or you can get the complete smart home kit with microbit-junior together here.Check out the v..

S$71.07 Ex Tax: S$71.07

ESP01 250AC 10A Relay Module

IoT (Internet of Things) is getting everyone attention and many maker and student are developing it. Out of most of IoT controller, ESP01, the controller that based on ES..

S$6.96 Ex Tax: S$6.96

Sonoff S26 - UK Type WiFi Smart Power Socket Adapter

Sonoff S26 - UK Type WiFi Smart Power Socket Adapter is a WiFi smart plug with UK standard. Users can instantly convert any plug into a smart outlet with a convenient tim..

S$14.25 Ex Tax: S$14.25

Sonoff Dual - Two Gang WiFi Smart Switch

Sonoff Dual is a WiFi based 2 gang switch that can connect and independently control two connected appliances or lights. This simply means 1 Sonoff Dual control switc..

S$15.68 Ex Tax: S$15.68

Sonoff 4CH R3 - 4 Channel WiFi Smart Switch

Easily turn your home into a smart home with Sonoff 4CH R3 4-gang DIY Wi-Fi Smart Switch! The Sonoff 4CH is designed to give you the ability to integrate smart control in..

S$28.21 Ex Tax: S$28.21

Sonoff PWR R2 - WiFi Power Measurement Smart Switch

Sonoff Pow R2 is a 15A WiFi smart light switch that allows you to remotely manage and control your appliances and monitor your home energy usage. The WiFi light switch wo..

S$19.61 Ex Tax: S$19.61

Sonoff RM433 - 433MHz Remote Controller

The RM433 remote controller is an advanced version for 4-button RF with 433MHz. Designed with 8 buttons to perform various functions in running on different types of devi..

S$10.00 Ex Tax: S$10.00

Sonoff 4CHPRO R3 - 4 Channel PRO WiFi RF Smart Switch

Sonoff 4CH PRO R3 is 4-gang DIY Wifi Smart Switches designed to give you the ability to integrate smart control into your existing home to enable a smart home. The smart ..

S$37.50 Ex Tax: S$37.50