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Dupont Jumper Wires Bundle (20cm/40 ways) -45% Best Seller

Dupont Jumper Wires Bundle (20cm/40 ways)

This is a 40 ways male to male and male to female jumper wire bundle.This is very handy 40-way male to male and male to female, 20 cm length of rainbow jumper wir..

S$1.79 S$0.99 Ex Tax: S$0.99

Kit - Colourful Bed Lamp Using Tilt Sensor with Maker UNO

Build Your Own Bed Lamp with Maker UNO This is a Maker-UNO (Arduino UNO compatible) kit, comes with a tutorial, sample code and also video:[English]: Colourfu..

S$17.32 Ex Tax: S$17.32

Sensors Kit for Nano w/o Nano Board

Note: This kit comes WITHOUT Arduino Nano Board or the Maker Nano.This kit comes with the expansion shield for the Nano board and the 37 in 1 sensors kit. It is the m..

S$27.64 Ex Tax: S$27.64

40-Way 20cm Dupont Jumper Wire

Note: This page consists of 3 different types of 20 cm jumper wires. Please select your preferred option. Male to Male Male to..

S$1.29 Ex Tax: S$1.29

Breadboard 8.5x5.5cm (400 Holes)

Are you a beginner in building circuit design?Breadboard is ideal for a beginner to learn in building the circuitry. The breadboard does not require soldering to make..

S$1.50 Ex Tax: S$1.50

Maker UNO: Simplifying Arduino for {Education} -20% Best Seller

Maker UNO: Simplifying Arduino for {Education}

Maker UNO was 1825% funded on Kickstarter on Apr 17, 2018.  Maker UNO is an Arduino Compatible board specially designed to simplify building your projects:Co..

S$10.36 S$8.29 Ex Tax: S$8.29

Male to Male Jumper Wire

Male to male jumper wire 65 pcs pack. Including 4 different lengths:4 x 240mm 4 x 200mm 8 x 150mm 49 x 110mmPerfect for connecting circuits and doing..

S$2.50 Ex Tax: S$2.50

I2C 1602 Serial LCD for Arduino & RPI Best Seller

I2C 1602 Serial LCD for Arduino & RPI

Everyone love the 1602 character LCD, is cheap and works out of box! But the need for 6 to 10 GPIOs is the pain :) It takes most of GPIO of Arduino and other microcontrol..

S$3.54 Ex Tax: S$3.54

2 Channel 5V Active Low Relay Module

This is a ready breakout board with two 5V activated relays (3.3V compatible), and the signal is optoisolated, it is protected :) Easy to use and suitable for beginners, ..

S$2.11 Ex Tax: S$2.11

Mifare RC522 RFID Kit Best Seller

Mifare RC522 RFID Kit

We are now carrying this popular RFID Mifare card/tag reader/writer. This module can be directly loaded into the various reader molds, very convenient. It is very easy to..

S$3.21 Ex Tax: S$3.21

USB B Type Cable

This is a standard USB 2.0 cable. This is the most common A to B Male-Male type peripheral cable, the kind that's usually used for printers. Compatible with most SFE desi..

S$1.14 Ex Tax: S$1.14

Arduino Uno Rev3-Main Board

Note: 1st time user please visit Getting Started with Arduino :)Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a development en..

S$38.93 Ex Tax: S$38.93

37 in 1 Sensors Kit for Arduino

This is the most comprehensive sensors kit for Arduino lover, of course it can also be used for every project.The kit comes with 37 different modules, sensors(input) ..

S$23.21 Ex Tax: S$23.21

GY-521 MPU6050 6DOF Accelerometer + Gyro Best Seller

GY-521 MPU6050 6DOF Accelerometer + Gyro

The MPU-6050 is a serious little piece of motion processing tech! By combining a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an..

S$3.75 Ex Tax: S$3.75

PikaBot - Maker UNO Smart Car Kit -10%

PikaBot - Maker UNO Smart Car Kit

Build Your Own Smart Car:  PIKABOT  Everyone loves mobile robots! With PikaBot, you get to learn electronics, microcontroller, sensors, motors & coding, while ha..

S$39.29 S$35.36 Ex Tax: S$35.36

5V 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board

Well, this stepper motor and stepper driver bundle will save your time looking for correct stepper combination :) You will still need an Arduino or controller to output t..

S$2.86 Ex Tax: S$2.86

IR Line Tracking Module

Note: From 21st April 2020 onwards, this module comes with a STRAIGHT (4-pin) header pin and NO jumper wires are included.Line following is an essential algorithm f..

S$0.68 Ex Tax: S$0.68

LCD Keypad Shield

We are now carrying the LCD Keypad sheild. Suitable for Arduino main board which include the Arduino Uno and Leonardo. It is sometime call navigation sheild because it co..

S$4.61 Ex Tax: S$4.61

Bluetooth Serial Transceiver HC06

This is the popular Bluetooth module, HC06, which is slave mode only. It's very easy to add wireless serial connectivity for your device with this module. Examples for Ar..

S$6.96 Ex Tax: S$6.96

Acrylic Base Plate for Arduino Uno

Note: From 21st Oct 2019 onwards, the plate comes with additional mounting holes for different orientations of Arduino UNO.This is super simple to use yet low cos..

S$1.50 Ex Tax: S$1.50