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LCD (16x2) Yellow Backlight

This is a basic text-based 16 characters by 2 lines LCD with white character on blue backlight. It utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset.Ar..

S$2.46 Ex Tax: S$2.46

3V3 I2C and SPI 1602 Serial Character LCD

Check out this tutorial video showing the example program and wiring of this LCD with Raspberry Pi Pico: This is a 1602 serial alphanumeric LCD with white cha..

S$5.36 Ex Tax: S$5.36

I2C Module for Character LCD

2x16 Character LCD is most popular display component for small controller like Arduino, but most of these LCD uses parallel interface. In most of the case, you will need ..

S$1.61 Ex Tax: S$1.61

SparkFun 16x2 3.3V SerLCD - RGB on Black

Note: From 14 Sept 2021 onwards, the SerLCD is updated to the latest version.The latest versions of these LCDs have a Qwiic connector. The previous versions did not. ..

S$38.93 Ex Tax: S$38.93