The Tinkerer's Guide to The micro:bit Galaxy

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Book is the most important tool for us to gain knowledge. This beginner-friendly book is written for students to get started with the famous micro: bit controller board. Color printed and comes with detailed explanations of electronics, coding (MakeCode), and projects in 236 pages, and it is in English.

The micro:bit is a small, powerful microcontroller, that can be extended with a vast ecosystem of electronic components. If that sounds scary, don't panic! With this light-hearted guide for teachers and tinkerers, you'll learn coding, electronics, and hands-on digital making skills, to create some vaguely amazing, mostly impractical, but always educational micro:bit projects.

With the book, learn about:

  • micro:bit controller
  • Display words and images on the micro:bit matrix LED
  • The coding/programming of MakeCode
  • Playing music/melody
  • Sensors
  • Moving and controlling things
  • Radio communication 


  •   Chapter 1: Hello World (introduction)
  •   Chapter 2: Getting Started
  •   Chapter 3: All On Board
  •   Chapter 4: Keep Track With Variables
  •   Chapter 5: Connecting Things, Making Noise
  •   Chapter 6: External Outputs
  •   Chapter 7: External Inputs
  •   Chapter 8: Lights, Loops and Lists
  •   Chapter 9: Moving Things
  • Chapter 10: Things Talking
  • Chapter 11: Controlling Things
  • Chapter 12: Recap
  • Appendix A: Exploring Coding Platforms
  • Appendix B: Exploring Hardware Platforms

Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Fully colored book, with pictures
  • With clear and detailed explanation and instructions
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 236 pages
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Packing list:

  • 1 x The Tinkerer's Guide to The Micro:bit Galaxy book
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