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RPI Zero W USB-A Addon Board V1.1

RPI Zero W USB-A Addon Board V1.1

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Have you ever think of turning your Raspberry Pi Zero/W/WH into USB dongle? I kwow, you can always use an USB microB cable to do that, but it is always nice to get a proper USB dongle shape and USB A type connect that just plug into your laptop, desktop, TV or modem USB port. This is similar to USB Stem.

This addon board allows you to do that without any soldering. Yes, no soldering required! The board comes with 4 spring loaded touch points which perfectly engage with the USB (data and power) test points of Raspberry Pi Zero (bottom layer). Making it easy to setup USB dongle for Raspberry Pi Zero boards.

With the USB and power connection ready, you can further setup SSH (via USB) and access to Raspberry Pi Zero in headless (without monitor, keyboard and mouse), or you can program Raspberry Pi as USB dongle and perform various different task.

This addon board is compatible with: (not included)


  • Addon board to turn Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/Zero WH into USB dongle
  • No soldering needed
  • Spring loaded touch points provide solderless connection to USB test points of Raspberry Pi Zero's bottom layer.
  • Reserve the opening for 40-pin GPIO access
  • Both USB data and power are connected, so Raspberry Pi Zero will become USB powered too, no additional cable or wires required for power.

Packing List:

  • 1 x USB-A Addon board
  • 4 x Plastic M2, 8mm (height) bolt with phillips cap
  • 8 x Plastic M2 nuts


I wrote a review today 27-Aug-2020 for this product but it seems to have been deleted. Is it because I wrote a negative review and the words "Not recommended" in my review? Cytron asks its customers for honest reviews of the products it sells so other "makers" can assess the viability of the product before making a purchase. If Cytron removes customers' negative product reviews and only allows positive reviews to remain, I can only surmise that Cytron only wants good reviews to drive sales of that product, regardless of what their paying customers think of the product. Happy to be proven wrong however: just put my review back for other potential buyers to read and make informed buying decisions for themselves. ( CHIA KIM HOCK , 27/08/2020 )
Hi, thanks for the feedback. We already feedback to Raspberry Pi Foundation about the Raspberry Pi Zero W and also our supplier to improve the robustness of USB add-on. For the review, we normally will take more time to respond to negative reviews because we want to make sure it is related to the product and if there any way we can improve it. Sorry for the delay, we have enabled it.

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