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RGB Cooling HAT with fan and OLED for 4B/3B+/3B

RGB Cooling HAT with fan and OLED for 4B/3B+/3B

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This is a Multi-function cooling expansion board designed for the Raspberry Pi board. It is compatible with the:

To protect Raspberry Pi and extend its life. A 4-pin IIC (I2C) interface for OLED display, which can real-time display:

  • CPU temperature
  • CPU usage
  • disk space
  • RAM usage
  • IP address

The large-size cooling fan on the board with strong wind make sure Raspberry Pi run stably by automatically adjust the speed according to the CPU temperature. Three high-brightness RGB programming lights on the bottom of the expansion board, which can realize following lights, breathing lights, marquees and so on. It also expands the Raspberry Pi 40-pin header and can be used to connect to other devices. 

Check out the assembly and driver installation by ETA Prime:


The Cooling HAT comes with a driver package for all Raspberry Pi images, which is convenient for users to drive fans, OLED displays, RGB lights. We like it so much.

The standard version includes OLED display, which can display the running status of Raspberry Pi in real-time. And according to the CPU temperature, it will further adjust the fan speed to make the Raspberry Pi work stably.
The temperature control expansion board has three high-bright RGB programming lights on the board. The RGB light can be programmed to emit different colors. The RGB light color can be used to indicate the RAM usage, CPU usage and temperature of the motherboard.
Note: Raspberry Pi Board is not included.


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B
  • It uses I2C to communicate and does not occupy any Raspberry Pi pin
  • The are plenty of space for additional heat sink underneath the cooling fan
  • The powerful fan on the board can automatically adjust the speed according to the CPU temperature to control the air volume.
  • Support OLED display, which can display the running status of Raspberry Pi in real-time.
  • High-brightness RGB lights to enhance the aesthetic appearance, but also to achieve a variety of funny lighting gameplay.
  • A driver package that can drive all the functions of the expansion board, as well as program source code and installation guide, is provided.


  • Size: 61mm x 59mm
  • Weight: 34.1g

Cooling fan:

  • Size: 40mm x 40mm


  • Board protection
  • Active cooling
  • Real-time status display
  • External extension
  • Programming RGB light

Packing List:

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi cooling HAT expansion board
  • 4 x Copper column
  • 8 x Screw
  • 1 x OLED display

Note: Only the RGB lights will be on after the Cooling HAT is powered. The driver and program must be installed in the Raspberry Pi to drive the cooling fan. If you do not run the program, your fan will not rotate. Please refer to this link.


ใครทำตามyoutube แล้วสามารถconfig ได้มั่งครรับบบ ของผมทำไม่ผ่าน เนื่องจากpipไม่ทำงานมาจากpython version 2.7ซื่งจรงิ ๆแล้วต้องใช้เวอร์ชั่น3ขึ้นไป ( Kritsdha Lanamwong , 30/10/2020 )
Not answered yet.
Please help, my oled does show a weird thing. And does not work properly. And the message at the terminal say:

init ok!
Segmentation fault

what should I do?
Please help
( Haziq Ahmad , 02/06/2020 )
Hi, you may email to support@cytron.io on how you setup your OLED and our team will help you with details.

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