Manual Wire Wrapping Tool

Manual Wire Wrapping Tool

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Wire wrapping is a mechanical interconnection technology that provides a reliable and safe connection for electronic circuits. Before the development of wire wrapping, soldering was the most common method to joint connections however the method has resulted in a variety of complications for applications.

Wire wrapping terminals involved in connecting stripped copper wires to the sharp corners of metal terminals to form electrical connections. The wire wrap tool is used to coil the bare wire tightly around the terminal using a large amount of tension and compression forces, resulting in a gas-tight and corrosion-safe connection.

Step 1: Strip the 30 AWG wrapping wire by inserting

the wire between the wire wrap tool's blades.

Step 2: Pull the wire to remove the wire insulation.

Expose about 1-inch of wire for wrapping


Step 3: Insert the exposed wire into the hole

at the longer shaft of the wrapping tool.

Step 4: An example case using male header pins on the breadboard.

Insert the wire into the header pin as shown.


Step 5: Rotate the tool clockwise to begin wrapping the wire around

the square header pin. Hold the wire with your other hand

and rotate until all wires are wrapped around the pin.

Step 6: Remove the tool from the pin once completed.

Step 7: To disconnect the wire from the pin, use the shorter

end of the tool and rotate it in a counterclockwise direction.

Step 8: Once the wire wrap is loosened, pull the wire away from the pin.


Packing List:

  • 1x Manual Wire Wrapping Tool

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