Maker Pi Pico Mini: Simplifying Projects with Raspberry Pi Pico

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  • Pre-Soldered Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Pre-Soldered Raspberry Pi Pico W (Wireless)
  • Without Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico W (Pre-Soldered Pin Header)
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NOTE: Maker Pi Pico Mini comes in 3 variants:

  1. MAKER-PI-PICO-MINI (Pre-soldered Raspberry Pi Pico with preloaded CircuitPython)
  2. MAKER-PI-PICO-MINI-W (Pre-soldered Raspberry Pi Pico W - Wireless with preloaded CircuitPython)
  3. MAKER-PI-PICO-MINI-NB (Without any Pico / Pico W. Comes with pin headers)


Small but Mighty

Love the Maker Pi Pico but can't fit it into your project? Now we have the Maker Pi Pico Mini. Powered by the same awesome Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico-W, it also inherited most of the useful features from its bigger sibling such as GPIO status LEDs, RGB LED, passive piezo buzzer, and not forget the user button and reset button.

360 degrees view of MAKER-PI-PICO-MINI-W

On top of that, the Maker Pi Pico Mini can also be powered by a single-cell LiPo battery, rechargeable via the USB port and it comes with an overcharge and over-discharge protection circuit.

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Due to its small size, we ditched the Grove connectors and replaced them with 3 Maker Ports. Utilizing the JST-SH 4-ways connector, Maker Port is compatible with Sparkfun's Qwiic modules and Adafruit's STEMMA QT modules. Qwiic and STEMMA QT are using I2C communications and can be daisy-chained. By using the included JST-SH to Grove conversion cables, Maker Port is compatible with Seeed Studio's Grove modules too. Besides I2C, Maker Port also supports UART, Analog Input, and Digital Input/Output.



Need to access the GPIOs? You can solder the optional pin headers (included in the box) to expand out all the GPIOs on the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Note: The pin headers are pre-soldered for variant MAKER-PI-PICO-MINI-NB.



Support Multiple Programming Languages

The Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico-W can be programmed with C/C++ (Natively or with Arduino IDE support), MicroPython, or CircuitPython. With massive libraries support and examples especially in Arduino IDE and CircuitPython, you will be ready to build your application in no time, be it for learning purposes or building useful projects.


Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico-W
  • Single-cell LiPo connector with overcharge / over-discharge protection circuit, rechargeable via USB.
  • 6x Status indicator LEDs for GPIOs
  • 1x Passive piezo buzzer (Able to play musical tone or melody)
  • 1x Reset button
  • 1x User programmable button
  • 1x RGB LEDs
  • 3x Maker Ports, compatible with Qwiic, STEMMA QT, and Grove (via conversion cable)
  • Support Arduino IDE, CircuitPython and MicroPython
  • Dimension: 23.12mm x 53.85mm



Packing List
    • 1 x Maker Pi Pico Mini (Pre-soldered Raspberry Pi Pico with preloaded CircuitPython)
    • 3 x Grove to JST-SH (Qwiic / STEMMA QT) Cable



    • 1 x Maker Pi Pico Mini (Without any Pico / Pico W but comes with pin headers)
    • 3 x Grove to JST-SH (Qwiic / STEMMA QT) Cable




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