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L293D Motor Drive Shield for Arduino

L293D Motor Drive Shield for Arduino

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This L293D shield for Arduino, particularly Arduino UNO, CT-UNO, is perfect for driving 4 brush motors or 2 stepper motors and it can even supports RC servo motor. It also equiped with serial to parallel expansion IC 74HC595.


  • Two L293D on board offering bidirectional control for 4 brush motors.
  • L293D offers upto 0.6A continuous current drive output, 1.2A peak.
  • L293D support 4.5V to 36V.
  • 2 external terminal power interface, for seperate logic/motor supplies.
  • 2 interface for 5V Servo connected to the Arduino's high-resolution dedicated timer - no jitter.
  • Can drive 4 DC motors or 2 stepper motors or 2 Servo.
  • Up to 4 bi-directional DC motors with individual 8-bit speed selection.
  • Pull low resistors to ensure the motor is disabled during power up.
  • Arduino reset button
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO, Mega.


Can this be mounted on top of Uno Compatible (CH340) (Link below)?
( Ralph, 01/07/2020 )
Hi, yes. It can be mounted. Thanks :)
can it use with WeMos D1? ( Celine, 02/01/2020 )
Hi, we're sorry as this is not suitable. Thanks :)
Hi do you think this will be compatible with the tamiya double gearbox? ( Ong Wei , 15/09/2019 )
Hi, Operating Voltage range for tamiya double gearbox is 1.5V - 3.0V while this L293D Motor Drive Shield for Arduino support 4.5V to 36V 

Is this suitable for Arduino Maker Uno? ( Michael Tan, 08/05/2019 )
Hi, yes you can use this Driver with Maker UNO.
Suitable for at8s52 or 8051 controller and for 12 v motor ( Amirul, 01/12/2018 )
Hi, this driver uses communication and PWM to control it. If you can produce those signal from AT89S52/8051, it should be compatible. Thanks.
Hi, can this be used for pic18f4520? Thanks ( Justin, 04/08/2018 )
Hi, this shield only for Arduino.
May i know how long the shipping will take? do you ship from malaysia? im at kajang, selangor ( Naufal Eiman, 27/06/2018 )
Hi, it will take 1-2working days. You may refer to this link for more info. Thanks :)
is it possible to use two of the shields for 1 project and 1 arduino mega? ( Joven, 17/06/2018 )
Hi, no you can't. 1 shield for 1 Arduino. Thanks.
May I have the Arduino coding instruction for this board? ( Jessica, 16/06/2018 )
Hi, you can refer to example sketch link provided under Description tab. Thanks.

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