Heatsink for CM4 - 1.5mm Washer - Black

Heatsink for CM4 - 1.5mm Washer - Black

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CM4 Cooler is a heatsink specially designed for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Compatible with both wireless and non-wireless versions.

Due to the higher performance of Compute Module 4, its power consumption gets higher than Compute Module 3+. The temperature of the CPU is close to the temperature limit - 85°C when the environment temperature is 25°C and the CPU is fully loaded. Besides that, PMU and Wireless Module (CM4 with wireless function) are also very hot.

Three thermal-conductive pads are attached on the back of the CM4 Cooler to ensure CM4 Cooler closely attached with the CPU, Wireless Module and PMU on the Compute Module 4. The heat of these three components is dissipated by CM4 Cooler through the three thermal-conductive pads.

There are four nylon washers packed with CM4 Cooler, 1.5mm height for 1.5mm height 100pin board to board connector. In this case, the CM4 IO Board comes with a 1.5mm height connector. They are used to support Compute Module 4 and avoid the damage of the board-to-board connector or deformation of Compute Module 4 when the screws are used to fix the CM4 Cooler on the Compute Module 4. There’s no need to solder the stand-off that secures the Compute Module 4 on the PCB when customers design their own baseboard, which saves money.

Note: Do check the datasheet and assembly guide for detailed instruction.

CM4 Cooler can reduce the temperature of Compute Module 4 by maximal 20°C when the room temperature is 25°C and CPU & DDR memory are fully loaded. The actual heat dissipation performance will be variable according to the temperature difference between the environment and Compute Module 4. Please check the CM4 Cooler cooling performance testing report for more details.

Note: This CM4 Cooler is available in black color.

Features and Specs:

  • Heatsink designed for Raspberry Pi Computer Module 4
  • Comes with thermal pads for CPU, PMU, and Wireless module
  • Compatible with both wireless and non-wireless CM4
  • Color: Black
  • Nylon washers: 1.5mm height
  • Nylon washers perfect for mounting on CM4 IO Board
  • Size: 55*40*13.5mm
  • Weight: 40g

Packing List:

  • 1 x Heatsink for CM4 (Black)
  • 4 x Nylon washer 1.5mm height
  • 4 x Mounting Screw


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