Argon One M.2 Case Expansion for SATA Storage

Argon One M.2 Case Expansion for SATA Storage

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Note: This is the latest Argon One Case with M.2 Expansion integrated.

If you are looking for a perfect and elegant enclosure for your powerful Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single-board computer with M.2 SATA III SSD expansion, you are on the right page! Check this unboxing and review video by SeeedStudio on the new released Argon-One M.2 case :

Argon ONE M.2 is a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B compatible case that is made with aluminum alloy and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesthetics and functionality. It offers one of the best cooling solutions for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board. The case has an extension that connects to the processor with a thermal cooling pad so that heat from the processor is transferred to the case. This means that the case becomes a heatsink passively cooling the motherboard so that the computer can work without building up much heat. Also, the case comes with a built-in PCB board with a 30mm fan attached to actively cool the Raspberry Pi further. These two cooling systems combined guarantee long-lasting use without overheating. The fan speed can be configured easily at any time via the terminal. Also, it has front and rear vents for better airflow.

This case is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B:

Connect an M.2 SSD to your Raspberry Pi 4

Now you can connect M.2 SATA SSD drives with Key-B or Key-B&M of any size to your Raspberry Pi using this case. It has an M.2 connector inside the case and you can connect the provided USB 3.0 adapter to one of the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi and the USB port on the case for the m.2 to function. The connection is also UASP supported, which means, it allows for high-speed data transfers. This enables the SSD drive to be used as a boot drive for your Raspberry Pi, which can dramatically increase boot times. 

Note: This is only Argon One M.2 Case Expansion. M.2 SATA SSD and Raspberry Pi board are NOT included.

Two full-sized HDMI connectors

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B generally has two micro-HDMI connectors and it will not be very convenient sometimes to find a micro-HDMI to full-size HDMI cable when you want to connect your Raspberry Pi 4 to an external display. However, this Argon ONE M.2 Case solves this issue by including two full-sized HDMI connectors for your convenience. 

Power Button for your Raspberry Pi

Normally a Raspberry Pi gets powered as soon as you connect it to the power supply and does not have a power button onboard. Well…Argon ONE can change the way you interact with your Raspberry Pi 4. With the power button installed on the case, you can easily turn on your Raspberry Pi and perform safe shutdowns, reboots, and forced shutdowns.

How to install Argon One Pi4 V2 power button and fan control:

  1. Connect to the internet 
  2. Open "Terminal" in Raspbian
  3. Type "curl|bash" in the terminal to initiate the installation of Argon ONE Pi 4 script.
  4. After installation completes, two shortcuts are added to the desktop, "configure" and "uninstall", they can be used to configure and uninstall the driver.
  5. Reboot

Power button function:

The default setting of the fan is:

You can also use these commands to configure and uninstall the driver

  • "argonone-config" to configure the driver
  • "argonone-uninstall" to uninstall the driver

Note: Remember to always reboot after changing any configuration or uninstallation for the revised settings to take effect.

Easy Assemble with all ports to the back for better cable management

Assembling the case with the Raspberry Pi is very easy. Install the Argon ONE Script that unlocks the full functionality of the Argon ONE case. All the ports are accessed at the back, making it more manageable with minimal cable clutter and easy cleaning. This also makes it easy to tidy and pack up when on the move without compromising any ports of the motherboard.

Color-coded GPIO Pins

The case was designed with one main purpose, protecting the Raspberry Pi without compromising the full functionality of the motherboard. The built-in PCB board extends the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi with the pins being color-coded to easily identify the pin functions. Also, the pins are clearly labeled for convenient use. When the pins are not in use, they’re covered and protected by a magnetic removable top. This makes the Pins accessible at all times, allowing the Raspberry PI to be used in various electronics projects.

The case comes with a top and bottom, 4 screws, a built-in PCB Board, a silicon cooling pad, and a PCB Board that extends the audio and micro HDMI ports. Assembling the Raspberry Pi with the case though is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C. Combining the parts together is simple and intuitive. All that’s needed is a four-way screwdriver, and that’s just to tighten the screws to the bottom of the case. No special tools needed at all. After placing the Raspberry Pi and installing the OS on the SD Card, a one-line script needs to be typed into the terminal so that the power button and fan can be used.

Power Management Modes and IR support

This case enables two power management modes with automatic booting or “Always ON Mode” and has programmable IR support to the Raspberry Pi with streamlined options.

To configure the Infrared Reciever ON/OFF signal of Argon ONE V2 and M.2, open Terminal on your RPi and type "argonone-ir". Then follow the instruction indicated.

Features and specifications: 

  • Sleek aluminum alloy enclosure
  • M.2 SATA SSD compatible with Key-B or Key-B&M
    • NOT COMPATIBLE with NVMe Drive
  • UASP supported for high-speed data transfers with Raspberry Pi 4
  • Two full-sized HDMI ports with 4K output
  • Two power management modes with automatic booting or “Always ON Mode”
  • Built-in power button for safe shutdowns reboots and forced shutdowns
  • Efficient passive cooling with the whole top part of the case being a heatsink
  • Built-in 30mm fan with software-controllable fan speed
  • Programmable IR support to the Raspberry Pi with streamlined options
  • All the connectors are located at the back for neat cable management
  • Plastic base for excellent Wi-Fi signal strength
  • Easy installation with magnetic removable top
  • Easily accessible GPIO with color-coded pinouts

Packing list:

  • 1 x Argon One M.2 Case Expansion for SATA Storage


  • User manual, pdf file
  • Check out this review and stress test from ETA Prime on the Argon-One case with M.2 expansion:

For Argon One case owners, here's a video of the "Argon One M.2 Expansion Board":
Cytron, when do you expect to be selling this and any idea how much? FYI, selling on their website for RM 81.40 (USD 20). Hope can be cheaper on Cytron Marketplace. Support Cytron!
( Argon One case owner, 28/11/2020 )
Hi. We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you :)
It looks like there is no slot to remove the microSD card once the bottom section is screwed in. Does this mean we must unscrew the bottom section of the case each time we need to swap microSD cards?
Can you please confirm if there is a slot or opening in the case to allow easy removal or insertion of microSD cards, without having to unscrew the bottom section first?
( Justin, 25/11/2020 )
Hi. Yes, it only has inside slot for micro sd card. Can only unscrew the case to remove and insert sd card. Thanks :)
To: Cytron Product Team
Re: Argon One M.2 Expansion Board

Please bring in the Argon One M.2 Expansion Board. This product contains the USB3.0-USB3.0 jumper and the plastic bottom-plate with the M.2 slot, but without the aluminium case. The product is designed for existing Argon One case owners to upgrade their cases and add M.2 expansion capability, simply by swapping out the bottom plastic base. Argon40 sells the M.2 Expansion Board for USD20 (approx RM81.80). For customers who already own several Argon One cases (I've bought 4 Argon One cases from Cytron) , this is more cost-effective than buying a whole new case just to add M.2 expansion.
( CHIA KIM HOCK , 23/11/2020 )
Hi, thank you for your feedback and we really appreciate that :)

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