Recently, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched the High Quality Camera Module with two compatible lenses:

Official Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Module6mm Wide Angle Lens (CS Mount)16mm Telephoto (C Mount)

 Well, if you are looking for a good guide that can help you to be familiar with Raspberry Pi Camera function from the 5MP (1st version), 8MP (V2 camera), NOIR,  and the latest High Quality camera modules and also the lenses, you are at the right page.

This is the official Camera Guide from Raspberry Pi Foundation, nicely colored printed on high-quality paper. It started with the introduction camera module including the installation of FFC cable to the CSI port on Raspberry Pi board and of course the proper way to install the latest C-Mount and CS-Mount lenses on the High Quality Camera.


It is a 132-page book that will help get you well on your way to use any camera module with the Raspberry Pi board and it is fully updated for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. There are plenty of camera projects that you can do with just following this guide. One of my favorite is the photo booth :)

And of course, the wildlife camera trap that enables you to take time-lapse of nature!

From setting up your Raspberry Pi camera on day 1, to taking your first steps into writing coding, digital making, and making photo booth, The Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide is great for users from age 7 to 107! It’s available now in Cytron's Marketplace.



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