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Sonoff RM433 Remote Control with Base

Note: This the complete bundle of Sonoff RM433 Remote control with the base, if you are looking for the 433 Remote control only, please get it here.The RM433 remote c..

S$14.64 Ex Tax: S$14.64

RF Transceiver 2.4G (nRF24L01+)

This is the latest 2.4GHz wireless transceiver module, based on nRF24L01+ from Nordic Semiconductor . This transceiver IC operates in the 2.4GHz band and has many new fea..

S$1.79 Ex Tax: S$1.79

Wireless PS2 Controller (Compatible)

2.4GHz wireless controller PS2 compatible Vibration feedback Used 3 x 'AAA' size battery (not included) suitable for cytron PSC28A a..

S$13.93 Ex Tax: S$13.93

433MHz RF (UART) Transceiver Module-1km

If you are looking for long distance and easy to use serial wireless module, you have got it. This wireless serial port communication module is a new-generation multichan..

S$12.14 Ex Tax: S$12.14

Sonoff RM433 - 433MHz Remote Controller

The RM433 remote controller is an advanced version for 4-button RF with 433MHz. Designed with 8 buttons to perform various functions in running on different types of devi..

S$10.00 S$9.14 Ex Tax: S$9.14

Sonoff 4CHPRO R3 - 4 Channel PRO WiFi RF Smart ...

Sonoff 4CH PRO R3 is 4-gang DIY Wifi Smart Switches designed to give you the ability to integrate smart control into your existing home to enable a smart home. The smart ..

S$37.50 S$35.68 Ex Tax: S$35.68

FlySky 6 Channels RC Radio Transmitter with FS-...

This 2.4G radio transmitter is suitable to use to control your mobile robot especially in the sumo robot and combat robot competition. It has 6 channels control, henc..

S$103.57 Ex Tax: S$103.57

FlySky 6 Channels RC Receiver (Compatible with ...

The FS-iA6B 6 channel receiver is great to work with the FS-i6 radio transmitter to control your robot within the range of 500 meters.Please note that it is an access..

S$25.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

FlySky 3 Channels RC Receiver (Compatible with ...

The FS-GR3E 3 channels receiver is great to work with the FS-GT3B pistol type radio transmitter to control your sumo robot.Please note that is an accessory of FS-GT3B..

S$16.07 Ex Tax: S$16.07

FlySky 3 Channels RC Radio Transmitter and Rece...

The pistol type 3 channels radio transmitter is typically used in the RC racing car. However, we can use it to control our sumo robot too. This 2.4G transmitter has 3..

S$67.86 Ex Tax: S$67.86

Antenna Magnetic Base with LMR195 Coaxial Cable

Note: This magnetic base comes with two variations of length for the coaxial cable which are 4 meters and 2 meters in length.Note: This antenna magnetic base is not s..

S$24.64 Ex Tax: S$24.64

Breakout for NRF24L01 with Socket Out Of Stock

Breakout for NRF24L01 with Socket

The NRF24L01+ module is one of the famous wireless RF module for makers. There are tones of tutorials uses this module for wireless communication.While it is popular ..

S$1.61 Ex Tax: S$1.61