Colour Sensor Module

Colour Sensor Module

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Working on color recognition project? You need this sensor!

This is the latest color sensor based on TCS3200 color sensor from TAOS. This sensor module incorporate all the necessary components for you to get started with color detection. The are four controllable white color LEDs for natural lighting of object. With the Arduino library ready, it will be easy to interface with the popular and wide range of Arduino controller boards.

The TCS3200 color sensor can detect and measure a nearly limitless range of visible colors. Applications include test strip reading, sorting by color, ambient light sensing and calibration, and color matching, to name just a few.

The TCS3200 has an array of photodetectors, each with either a red, green, or blue filter, or no filter (clear). The filters of each color are distributed evenly throughout the array to eliminate location bias among the colors. Internal to the device is an oscillator which produces a square-wave output whose frequency is proportional to the intensity of the chosen color.


  • RGB Color detection sensor module
  • Based on TCS3200 sensor
  • Power: (2.7V to 5.5V)
  • Interface:Digital TTL
  • Controllable four super bright white LEDs, via on board MOSFET.
  • High-Resolution Conversion of Light Intensity to Frequency
  • Programmable Color and Full-Scale Output Frequency
  • Power Down Feature
  • Communicates Directly to Microcontroller



Getting Started with Colour Sensor Module by Cytron

This video shows how Colour Sensor Module Work. Refer our tutorial page for more details: Please refer to the product page for more info:


Hi, can this sensor detect colour, lets say from a laptop screen? ( Alice, 09/07/2020 )
Hi, we're sorry as it cannot detect colour from the screen. Thanks :)
Mai I ask, is this sensor able to detect wavelength of visible light? ( Tham, 19/03/2020 )
Hi, we're sorry as it is not able to detect the wavelength of visible light. Thanks :)

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