5kg Load Cell with HX711 Amplifier

5kg Load Cell with HX711 Amplifier

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How can we detect volume of a liquid? Or maybe you want to know the quantity of small screw or nut. Will you count it? A good alternative method is to measure the weight of cetain liquid or small parts (if the weight and quantity ratio is linear and consistent). The next question would be, what type of sensor can be used for weight measurement? You are at the right page :) This is 5kg load cell that comes with HX711 amplifier board.

Nonetheless, this module is commonly being used to measure weight. The load cell is a straight bar load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge). It can translate up to 5kg of pressure (force) into an electrical signal. Each load cell is able to measure the electrical resistance that changes in response to, and proportional of, the strain (e.g. pressure or force) applied to the bar. With this gauge you will be able to tell just how heavy an object is, if an object's weight changes over time, or if you simply need to sense the presence of an object by measuring strain or load applied to a surface.

Each straight bar load cell is made from an aluminum-alloy and is capable of reading a capacity of 5kg. These load cells have four strain gauges that are hooked up in a wheatstone bridge formation. The color code on the wiring is as follows:

  • Red = E+
  • Black = E-
  • Green = A+
  • White = A-

Additionally, the straight bar load cells feature two M4 and two M5 sized through-holes for mounting purposes.


  • 5kg straight bar load cell with HX711 amplifier module
  • Use to measure weight
  • Force variation output: Voltage signal
  • Operating voltage range: 2.6 to 5.5V
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to + 85 ℃
  • Power consumption (including power supply circuit): Typical operating current: <1.7mA, shutdown current: <1μA
  • HX711 output data rate: 10Hz or 80Hz optional
  • Load cell size: 12.7 x 12.7 x 75mm
  • Load cell bar comes with 2 x M4 + 2 x M5 screw hole for mounting


  • The module uses 24-bit A / D converter chip HX711
  • For high-precision electronic scale and design
  • The module has two analog channel inputs, programmable gain of 128 integrated amplifier.
  • The input circuit can be configured to provide an electrical bridge bridge voltage (e.g., pressure, load) Sensor Mode.
  • All are controlled by input pins, the chip registers without programming that simple digital control and serial communication.
  • Uses Two Wire communication (Clock and Data)
  • Arduino compatible


Packing List:

  • 1 x HX711 Weighing Sensor 24-bit A/D Conversion Adapter Load Module
  • 1 x 5kg straight bar load cell
What's the minimum weight that it can detect? ( Isaias Johane Moiana , 17/02/2020 )
Hi, for further inquiry, you may drop an inquiry to support@cytron.io Thanks :)
Hi. It shows the data rate is either 10 Hz or 80 Hz. I have tried to log data, and it seems like the sampling rate is 10 Hz. How could I increase the sampling rate to 80 Hz instead? ( SpLee, 12/02/2020 )
Hi, you may drop an email to support@cytron.io for technical assistance. Thanks :)
Hi, is this ready stock and available? When will we receive it after payment? ( Kay, 27/10/2019 )
Hi, we have ready stock now with an availability of 34 units. Usually, if you place your order before 4pm, your parcel will be shipped out on the same day and you will receive your parcel in 1-2 working days. Thanks :)
How the accuracy of this weight sensor? 0.1g? ( CKAng, 14/10/2019 )
Hi! We're sorry as we do not have the data currently. Thanks :)

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