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Thermocouple Amplifier MAX6675

Thermocouple Amplifier MAX6675

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SN-6675 is a breakout board for Maxim IC MAX6675. The board is working great with a type-K Thermocouple. The MAX6675 performs cold-junction compensation and digitizes the signal from a type-K thermocouple.The data is output in a 12-bit resolution, SPI™-compatible,read-only format.

The SN-6675 has the chip pre-solder. It comes with 2 ways of terminal block (for connecting to Thermocouple sensor) and 5 ways of header pins (for connecting to microcontroller). We do not provide User Manual for this board, but you can always refer to the tutorial, datasheet and schematic provided.

Dimension: 26.67mm x 20.32mm

1. Getting Started with SN-6675

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MAX6675 Datasheet18/06/2020405.18KBDownload
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Fritzing Tutorial18/06/2020N/ADownload
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