Accessories for RPi Zero

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Raspberry Pi Approved MakerDisk microSD Card wi...

Note: MakerDisk MicroSD cards (256GB, 128GB, 64GB, 32GB) shipped from 11 Nov 2021 onwards are loaded with the latest Raspberry Pi OS - Bullseye (release date: 30th Octobe..

S$18.00++ S$15.00++ Ex Tax: S$15.00

Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard and Mouse Combo ...

If you are new to Raspberry Pi, please visit our Raspberry Pi Page for Beginner.Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer :) In layman terms, it is a computer mothe..

S$41.07 S$40.04 Ex Tax: S$40.04

USB Micro B Cable

Searching for suitable USB cable to connect to Cytron UNO, Maker UNO, NodeMCU, micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Zero? Yup, you can get it here.This is USB 2.0 type A to micr..

S$2.50 Ex Tax: S$2.50

Official RPi mini HDMI adapter

Why do you need this adapter? Mini HDMI adapter? Well, if you like the world most compact and low cost computer - Raspberry Pi Zero series of boards, you will need this a..

S$2.14 Ex Tax: S$2.14

Official RPi micro USB Adapter

If you are a fan of Raspberry Pi Zero series of Single Board Computer, you will know that it does not come with proper USB socket for USB devices. There is only USB micro..

S$2.14 Ex Tax: S$2.14

Brass M2.5 PCB Standoff Kit for Raspberry Pi - ...

The standoff is needed as a spacer and also a mounting pole for PCBs. This is a brass PCB stands kit with a thread size of 2.5mm. All PCB mounting holes on the Raspberry ..

S$12.86 Ex Tax: S$12.86

Raspberry Pi Zero/W/WH 15cm Camera Cable

This camera cable is specifically designed to work with the Raspberry Pi Zero - Version 1.3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W! Just plug it into your Pi Zero's camera port and then..

S$2.68 Ex Tax: S$2.68

Raspberry Pi Color Coded 2x20 GPIO Header

Here's an accessory for your Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W, a color-coded 2x20 header! Just to remind you that Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W come without headers soldere..

S$1.29 Ex Tax: S$1.29

DS3231 RTC Module for Raspberry Pi

We know Raspberry Pi is a single board computer, aiming to promote computer engineering and programming. It is very compact and is a fully functioning computer motherboar..

S$5.00 Ex Tax: S$5.00

Dedicated Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero/2 W

This is a practical, Dedicated Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero/2 W. It sits perfectly on the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. It comes with thermal paste/tape ..

S$7.86 Ex Tax: S$7.86

T-Cobbler Breakout + GPIO Cable for RPI

This is the perfect extension for Raspberry Pi's GPIO to breadboard, with clear GPIO labeling. This is the assembled version of the Pi T-Cobbler. It works with the:..

S$5.36 Ex Tax: S$5.36

High Profile Heatsink 14x14x11mm - Black

Yes, Raspberry Pi Zero W/WH (version 1) is low power and will not really get hot even it is overclocked, not to the extent it will throttle. The original Raspberry Pi Zer..

S$1.79 Ex Tax: S$1.79

40-Pin IDE Extension Cable for Raspberry Pi GPIO

Note: From 26 Apr 2021 onwards, the connectors of this extension cable are changed from black to gray.  This 10cm long ribbon cable has a 40-way male and a female h..

S$3.39 Ex Tax: S$3.39

Nylon M2.5 PCB Standoff Kit for Raspberry Pi - ...

Standoff is needed as a spacer and also a mounting pole for PCBs. This is Nylon PCB stands kit with a thread size of 2.5mm. All PCB mounting holes of Raspberry Pi mainboa..

S$10.00 Ex Tax: S$10.00

16GB Micro SD Card with NOOBS for RPI

Note: From 21st October 2020 onwards, 16GB microSD is from the SanDisk brand.Note: There are two brands for this microSD card, Panasonic and SanDisk. Both are from th..

S$17.50 S$17.00 Ex Tax: S$17.00

RPI Zero W USB-A Addon Board V1.1

Have you ever think of turning your Raspberry Pi Zero/W/WH into USB dongle? I kwow, you can always use an USB microB cable to do that, but it is always nice to get a prop..

S$5.36 Ex Tax: S$5.36

Raspberry Pi Zero 15-pin Camera FFC Cable-30cm

This FFC ribbon cable is mainly for connection between Raspberry Pi Zero and its camera module. It has 15 ways with 1mm pitch (raspberry pi camera module) and 0.5mm pitch..

S$3.18 Ex Tax: S$3.18

Mini USB Microphone

Hey, looking for a portable and convenient USB microphone? It's the new mini USB microphone, just plug and play the mini USB with any computer or laptop and etc without t..

S$5.32 Ex Tax: S$5.32

40p GPIO cable for Raspberry Pi

The row of 2x20 pin headers has been on Raspberry Pi board since the Rpi 2, including Raspberry Pi Zero (Some version is not soldered, though) - those are the GPIO (gener..

S$1.61 Ex Tax: S$1.61

Raspberry Pi Zero Converter Kit

The most popular Single Board Computer (SBC) is Raspberry Pi, and since the launch of Raspberry Pi Zero series in 2015, it has been a blast! Everyone want a piece of this..

S$5.36 Ex Tax: S$5.36