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Straight Turn Pin 16 Ways -50%
PIC18F2520 -50%


This is enhanced version of PIC18F252, designed to be pin to pin compatible with PIC18F252, it is being upgraded with more features such as extended mode for C compiler o..

S$8.93 S$4.46 Ex Tax: S$4.46

IC 74HCT9046AN

Brand: NXP IC 74HCT9046AN PLL With Band Gap Controlled VCO Package/Case: 16-DIP..

S$7.14 Ex Tax: S$7.14

Electronic Components Deal Kit 1 -70% Out Of Stock

Electronic Components Deal Kit 1

A super worth electronic components deal kit! Even if you just need one of the components listed, it will be worth getting it at a super discounted price together with ot..

S$118.00 S$35.40 Ex Tax: S$35.40