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Maker's Selection
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ -2% Best Seller

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Announced on Pi Day, 14th March 2018, the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is released and it's available now! Check out the Rpi 3B+ vs 3B here.If you are looking for ..

S$59.29 S$57.86 Ex Tax: S$57.86

Male to Male Jumper Wire

Male to male jumper wire 65 pcs pack. Including 4 different lengths:4 x 240mm 4 x 200mm 8 x 150mm 49 x 110mmPerfect for connecting circuits and doing..

S$1.61 Ex Tax: S$1.61

Maker Nano: Simplifying Arduino for Projects

 Love Maker UNO? But it's too big to fit into your project? Worry not! Introducing Maker Nano, an Arduino board specially crafted for building projects while maintaining ..

S$10.36 Ex Tax: S$10.36

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer-US Layout (Latest) -17% Best Seller

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer-US Layout (Latest)

Note: You can check out the official and complete Raspberry Pi 400 Computer Kit-US Layout and US Power Plug too. The Most Powerful Raspberry Pi Keyboard..

S$135.36 S$112.99 Ex Tax: S$112.99

Maker pHAT: Simplifying Raspberry Pi for {Education}

Note: Maker pHAT is in Rev1.1 (which uses FDTI FT231X as USB to UART chip) starting from Jan 2019. Check the review by MagPi (the official Magazine of Raspb..

S$14.14 Ex Tax: S$14.14

Maker Drive: Simplifying H-Bridge Motor Driver for Beginner Best Seller

Maker Drive: Simplifying H-Bridge Motor Driver for Beginner

Brushed motor is the most widely used motor because it is easy to use. Just supply the two terminals with DC power, the motor will start rotating! If you want to control ..

S$5.32 Ex Tax: S$5.32

Maker UNO Edu Kit (Arduino Compatible) -20%

Maker UNO Edu Kit (Arduino Compatible)

 Maker UNO was 1825% funded in Kickstarter on 17 Apr 2018. Thank you to the 1878 backers for your support!    WHAT IS MAKER UNO?  The ..

S$19.64 S$15.71 Ex Tax: S$15.71

LCD Keypad Shield

We are now carrying the LCD Keypad sheild. Suitable for Arduino main board which include the Arduino Uno and Leonardo. It is sometime call navigation sheild because it co..

S$4.61 Ex Tax: S$4.61

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+

15 Nov 2018: Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is released! And now we carry it.Yeah! We love Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ because of its wireless capabilities and quad-core 64-..

S$44.64 Ex Tax: S$44.64

3Amp 4V-16V DC Motor Driver (2 Channels)

  Looking for a motor driver for your mobile robot? Want to drive a stepper motor? Worry not! MDD3A is able to control two brushed DC motors o..

S$10.00 Ex Tax: S$10.00

EDU:BIT Training & Project Kit for micro:bit -9%

EDU:BIT Training & Project Kit for micro:bit

EDU:BIT  was 575% funded on KICKSTARTER on Oct 22, 2020 .This beginner-friendly micro:bit kit is specially designed to encourage kids to explore STEAM and learn..

S$78.21 S$71.07 Ex Tax: S$71.07

Maker UNO X: Simplifying Arduino for Classrooms

Are you an educator looking for STEM products for your curriculum? Are you considering teaching Arduino in your classroom? Look no further, Maker UNO X is your right choi..

S$13.93 Ex Tax: S$13.93

TT Motor + Wheel Kit

Perfect for mobile robot, and of course you can use it with Arduino :).This affordable DC brush motor comes with gears and also a wheel, what else can you ask? The mo..

S$2.32 Ex Tax: S$2.32

Maker UNO Learning Box - Everything You Need To Start Making

Note: This is a complete kit with Maker UNO. If you are looking for the same kit without Maker UNO, check this page out!Arduino is the easiest platform to learn digit..

S$21.39 Ex Tax: S$21.39

Maker Pi Pico Base (without Pico): Simplifying Pi Pico for Beginners

Maker Pi Pico Base incorporates the most wanted Reset button for your Raspberry Pi Pico and gives you access to all GPIO pins on two 20 ways pin-headers, with clear label..

S$11.29 Ex Tax: S$11.29

Maker Line: Simplifying Line Sensor For Beginner

 Your browser does not support the video tag.Building a line following robot for a school project or competition? Or building an Automated Guided ..

S$14.14 Ex Tax: S$14.14

30Amp 5V-30V DC Motor Driver

Note: MD30C is Revision 2.0 since January 2016. We know DC brushed motor is widely used for many different applications; from conveyor, AGV (Automated Guide Vehic..

S$44.64 Ex Tax: S$44.64

10Amp 5V-30V DC Motor Driver

DC brushed motor is the most commonly used and widely available motor in the market. Getting the motor to rotate is fairly easy, just connect the two terminals to power s..

S$16.43 Ex Tax: S$16.43

Cytron UNO Special - Arduino Compatible

Note: If you are beginner or student, please take a look at Maker UNO, designed especially for beginner and it is Arduino UNO compatible.We have CT-UNO, our version o..

S$21.43 Ex Tax: S$21.43

10Amp 7V-30V DC Motor Driver Shield for Arduino

Cytron 10A Motor Driver Shield (Arduino)"SHIELD-MD10" is a compatible Arduino motor shield for controlling high current brushed DC motor up to 10A continuously. It sh..

S$18.57 Ex Tax: S$18.57