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Kit - Colourful Bed Lamp Using Tilt Sensor with...

Build Your Own Bed Lamp with Maker UNO This is a Maker-UNO (Arduino UNO compatible) kit, comes with a tutorial, sample code and also video:[English]: Colourfu..

S$23.21 S$21.42 Ex Tax: S$21.42

Maker Uno Edu Kit School Package (Buy 10 Get 1 ...

Note: Save more with this School Package! Get 11 sets of Maker UNO Edu Kit for the price of 10 only Maker UNO was 1825% funded in Kickstarter on 17 Apr 2018..

S$235.71 S$213.93 Ex Tax: S$213.93

37 in 1 Sensors Kit for Arduino

This is the most comprehensive sensors kit for Arduino lover, of course it can also be used for every project.The kit comes with 37 different modules, sensors(input) ..

S$23.21 Ex Tax: S$23.21

Maker UNO Edu Kit (Arduino Compatible)

 Maker UNO was 1825% funded in Kickstarter on 17 Apr 2018. Thank you to the 1878 backers for your support!     WHAT IS MAKER UNO?   Th..

S$21.43 S$19.61 Ex Tax: S$19.61

PikaBot - Maker UNO Smart Car Kit

Build Your Own Smart Car:  PIKABOT  Everyone loves mobile robots! With PikaBot, you get to learn electronics, microcontrollers, sensors, motors & coding, while h..

S$45.71 S$35.36 Ex Tax: S$35.36

Maker UNO X Learning Box - Everything You Need ...

Note: Maker UNO X Learning Box shipped after 18th Mar 2021 comes with 3 - 5.5V Ultrasonic Ranging Module.Arduino is the easiest platform to learn digital making. Howe..

S$27.14 Ex Tax: S$27.14

Maker UNO Learning Box

Note: This is a complete kit with Maker UNO. If you are looking for the same kit without Maker UNO, check this page out!Arduino is the easiest platform to learn digit..

S$21.39 Ex Tax: S$21.39

Arduino Grove Sensor Kit for Beginner

Note: This kit comes with the Grove Base shield and also sensor modules, with the Arduino UNO mainboard. It offers the freedom for existing Arduino UNO owners to add sens..

S$51.79 Ex Tax: S$51.79

Keyestudio 37 in 1 Sensor Kit V3.0

This is a 37-in-1 Sensor Kit from keyestudio. It includes digital and analog sensors as well as special modules such as ultrasound, digital tubes, temperature, and humidi..

S$53.21 Ex Tax: S$53.21

Grove All In One Beginner Kit for Arduino

Note: This kit comes with the Seeeduino -Lotus, Arduino UNO compatible board.Note: The All In One Beginner Kit is now compatible with Scratch 3.0 graphical programmin..

S$51.79 Ex Tax: S$51.79

Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino

Grove is a modular electronic platform for quick prototyping. Every module has one function, such as touch sensing, creating audio effect and so on. Just plug the modules..

S$85.36 Ex Tax: S$85.36

Elecfreaks Arduino Starter Kit (Absolute Beginner)

The Arduino Starter Kit provided by ElecFreaks is a great material to get users into learning step-by-step conveniently. For this kit, there is no soldering needed, plug ..

S$89.29 Ex Tax: S$89.29

SparkFun Inventor's Kit - V4.1

Note: From 10th July 2020 onwards, the SparkFun Inventor's kit is V4.1."The Latest SparkFun Inventor's Kit V4.1 includes the Redboard Qwiic which allows you to expa..

S$182.14 Ex Tax: S$182.14

Environment Monitoring Kit with Arduino

This keyestudio Environment Monitoring Kit is the latest environmental study kit developed by keyestudio. It greatly lowers the difficulty in program learning for enthusi..

S$88.93 Ex Tax: S$88.93

DFRobot Beginner Kit for Arduino

Welcome to the electronic interaction world!  We proudly presents the Arduino Beginner/Starter Kit for those who are interested in learning about Arduino and electronics...

S$87.50 Ex Tax: S$87.50

Starter Kit for Cytron Uno

This is Cytron version of UNO starter kit, we have Arduino UNO starter kit which uses the original Arduino UNO from Italy. Now we manage to package another UNO starter ki..

S$37.50 Ex Tax: S$37.50

Ikedo Mini Sumo Robot Pro Kit

   We get very excited when we first participated in the Sumo Robot competition last summer. We lost in the first round and it triggered us to improve our robot f..

S$235.71 Ex Tax: S$235.71

EASY-Plug STEAM Starter kit for Arduino-21pcs M...

What about you and your kids being makers? What about getting creative and making your ideas come true? Well, let's get started right away!EASY plug learning kit ..

S$64.29 Ex Tax: S$64.29

Arduino Grove Sensor Kit with Arduino UNO -4% Out Of Stock

Arduino Grove Sensor Kit with Arduino UNO

Note: This kit comes with the Arduino Grove Sensor Kit and Arduino UNO Rev3, which is a complete Arduino beginner kit.If you're getting yourself Arduino Grove Sensor ..

S$92.93 S$89.36 Ex Tax: S$89.36

Arduino Grove Sensor Kit with Maker UNO -5% Out Of Stock

Arduino Grove Sensor Kit with Maker UNO

Note: This kit comes with the Arduino Grove Sensor Kit and Maker UNO. Arduino Sensor Kit needs an Arduino UNO board or Arduino compatible board to work.If you're gett..

S$67.86 S$64.29 Ex Tax: S$64.29