-3% Best Seller Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Beginner Kit V2-UK Plug

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Beginner Kit V2-UK Plug

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    Available Options

    • Kit + RPi 4B 8GB + Power Plug
    • Kit + RPi 4B 4GB + Power Plug
    • Kit + RPi 4B 2GB + Power Plug
    • Kit Only
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    Note: This is the Beginner Kit V2 based on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and comes with a UK plug power adapter. Please choose the preferred option:


    Note: An Official RPi 15W (5V/3A) PSU USB C UK Plug-White (suitable for Singapore, Malaysia, UK) is included for the chosen kit, EXCEPT for the KIT ONLY option.



    If you already owned a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and a power adapter since you need one to power it up, the KIT ONLY option will be for you.


    The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner Guide is a color-printed book with a comprehensive step-by-step guide for a total beginner. The printed copy of this guide is included in this kit:

    The guide itself starts with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi board, explaining all the hardware ports that you might need to access later on. Here is the index page for you to get an idea of the content:



    The standard HDMI port that was part of the previous generation Raspberry Pi generation board is replaced on the Raspberry Pi 4 by two Micro HDMI ports to provide dual monitor/display support. This beginner kit includes an official Micro HDMI to HDMI cable (1 meter) to provide the optimum media output resolution support.


    The official case for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B in White/Red provides protection while maintaining the flexibility to access the GPIO with the ease of removing the top cover. This case is included in this kit.


    We also include the microSD card needed for Raspbian and data storage. In fact, to save your time to download the Raspbian or NOOBS, we include a microSD card with NOOBS preloaded, saving the troubles you need to download and burn the image into the microSD card :) This 16GB microSD is an essential item for the Raspberry Pi to boot into Raspbian.
    Well, as there are GPIOs on the Raspberry Pi board, it is a way to learn electronics too. The guide also comes with exercises to learn the basics of electronics circuits and programming using Sketch. For example, here is the example of a traffic lights project in the guide. We have included the jumper wires, LEDs, Pushbuttons, Buzzer, and breadboard.
    Schematic of Traffic Lights Project on page 139 in the Guide

    Besides, the electronics, the guide also shows the use of Sense-HAT, the official HAT (Hardware Attached on Top). The Sense HAT is on the International Space Station now :) It comes with various types of sensors and outputs. Check out the introduction of SENSE-HAT from RaspberryPiIVBeginners:

    Last but not least, this kit also includes the official V2 8MP (MegaPixel) camera module. Chapter 8 guides you to discover this camera module to take photos and also videos:

    Note: As Raspberry Pi releases the latest Operating System, the bullseye, you might need to enable the camera legacy support if your microSD card comes with the bullseye OS (desktop show a sunset wallpaper). Please check out this link from Raspberry Pi.





    If you choose the kit with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, there are three options: 8GB, 4GB, and 2GB RAM board:

    As you might have known, due to the higher power requirements, the Raspberry Pi 4 requires at least a 3.0A USB-C power supply. The kit included the Official Raspberry Pi 5V 3A USB-C Adapter with UK plug (type G) and is meant for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and suitable to be used in Singapore, Malaysia, UK, etc.

    You might want to check out these accessories (in case you need any of it):



    • A beginner kit based on the official Beginner Guide from Raspberry Pi, a color-printed copy is included.
    • Option to get the kit only for those that already own a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board and power adapter.
    • Option to get a complete kit with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB, 4GB, 2GB RAM board, and a UK Plug Power Adapter.
    • Comes with an official case and HDMI cable too.
    • The official Sense HAT and other electronic components are for digital making based on the printed copy of the guide
    • Learn electronics and coding with the official guide


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